BONAZZA 220V to 110V Power Converter Step Down Voltage for Electric Products like Hair Dryer, Steam Iron, Kettle, Laptop, Cellphone - Universal Travel Plug Adapter w/2 USB for US to Europe, UK, Italy, Asia


The Smallest & Lightest Universal Travel Adapter and Converter You Will Ever Need.All in one travel adapter (UK/US/AU/EU Plug) that fits electrical outlets in most commonly visited countries, over 150 countries....


The Smallest & Lightest Universal Travel Adapter and Converter You Will Ever Need.
All in one travel adapter (UK/US/AU/EU Plug) that fits electrical outlets in most commonly visited countries, over 150 countries.

220V to 110V Converter: If you live in a 110V country (America / Canada) and are traveling to a 220V country like UK, France, etc. with high voltage electrical appliances like hair dryers, you will need our Step Down Converter to take the voltage from 220 to 110 and ensure safe operation of your device.


  • CONVERTER MODE FOR ELECTRIC PRODUCT USE ONLY. CAN NOT be used with non-electric and low-wattage (0-25w) product! ELECTRIC PRODUCT is simple heating devices or has mechanical motors. Examples are hair dryers, steam irons, electric kettle etc.
  • Adapter Mode With 2 Fast Charging USB Ports For DUAL-VOLTAGE (110-220V or 100-240V) devices Such As Laptop, MacBook, Cellphone, Camera. Dual Voltage Appliance/Device Must Use The Adapter Mode.
  • The power sockets of this product accept only Type A & B power plugs.
  • This product is a step-down converter and it CAN NOT be used with the converter mode in countries and regions which adopt 110V AC Voltage.
  • IMPORTANT: To avoid damage to your appliances or devices, please do not use this product with any products incompatible or unsafe. Before using the converter/- adapter, check the appliance or device you intend to use to ensure it has the proper AC voltage and wattage. 

How To Find the Watts On Your Appliance and Select the Proper Voltage Converter.
You can find this information listed on the manufacturer's label which is located on the back or bottom of the device or appliance, or in the specifications section of the appliance owner's manual.


converter for europe


Use this converter only with Non-Electronic control heating devices that have a power rating from 26-2000 watts, such as hair dryers.
For converter mode: The Converter can not be used with low-wattage appliances (0-25W).
For adapter mode: Only use ADAPTER mode for DUAL VOLTAGE (110-220V, 120-240V) devices, such as iPhone charger, iPad charger, Laptop, MAC, Dual Voltage Hair straightener and other Dual Voltage Appliances.
Dual voltage appliances must be used adapter mode.
Before using the converter/adapter, check the product you intend to use has the proper voltage and wattage rating to run your devices.
This product the power sockets only accept pin of type A and B.
This product is a step-down converter, can not use converter mode in 110V countries and regions.
all in one travel adapter (UK/US/AU/EU Plug) that fits electrical outlets in most commonly visited countries, over 150 countries. 


220v to 110v converterType C - German, France, Most Europe, This socket also works with plug E, F and N

Other Countries include: Albania / Austria / Belgium / Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Bulgaria / Croatia / Cyprus / the Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / France / Finland / / Greece / Hungary / Iceland / India / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Macedonia / Montenegro / the Netherlands / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Serbia / Spain / Slovakia / Slovenia / Sweden / Turkey / Ukraine, etc.



hair dryer voltage converter

Type G - UK, Hong Kong, Ireland

Other Countries include: Bahrain / Belize / Botswana / Brunei / Cyprus / Dominica / England / Ghana / Gibraltar / Grenada / Hong Kong / Iraq / Ireland / Kenya / Macau / Malta / Malaysia / Nigeria / Nothern Ireland / Oman / Qatar / Saint Lucia / Saint Vincent / Saudi Arabia / Scotland / Singapore / Sri Lanka / Tanzania / Uganda / the United Arab Emirates / Wales / Yemen / Zimbabwe, etc.


travel adapter and converter


Type I - Australia, China

Other Countries include: Argentina / Australia / China (mainland, excluding Taiwan) / Fiji / New Zealand / Papua New Guinea / Tokelau (the Union Islands) / American Samoa / Argentina / Cook Islands / Kiribati / Nauru / SaintVincent and the Grenadines / Samoa / Solomon Islands / Tajikistan / Timor-Leste / Tonga/ Tuvalu/ Uzbekistan/ Vanuatu / Uruguay, etc.



step down converter

Type A - USA, Japan

Other Countries include: American Samoa / Antigua and Barbuda / Aruba / the Bahamas / Barbados / Belize / Bermuda / Brazil / Canada / the Cayman Islands / Colombia / Costa Rica / Cuba / Ecuador / El Salvador / Guam / Guatemala / Haiti / Honduras / Jamaica / Japan / Liberia / Mexico / Micronesia / Montserrat / Nicaragua / Okinawa / Panama / Peru / the Philippines / Puerto Rico / Saint Kitts & Nevis / Saudi Arabia / Tahiti / Taiwan / Thailand / Trinidad and Tobago / Venezuela / the Virgin Islands, etc.

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Lifetime Warranty

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